Saturday, March 04, 2006

All quiet on the picture front

Short after my birthdayparty I had a nasty flu and cold. Took me a little more than one week to recover. Since my recovery I hardly shot any pics that were worthwhile sharing. So for today you have to do it with some pics that Noriko shot today in our hometown Utrecht. Although it was a bit chilly it was quite clear weather. The first shot is from the Dom tower, the highest church tower of Holland.

The second pic is not so sharp, but it was a funny sight. Noriko shot the pics in a furnitureshop in the same shoppingstreet were the pic of the Dom tower was shot. I knew the owner had a bulldog who was sleeping in front of the shop most of the time. But this time Noriko saw a total of five bulldogs and some of them were sleeping on the couch. Of course it's very funny to watch, but I'm not sure if I wanted to buy furniture here, knowing that the bulldogs are sleeping on the couches. It was not second hand stuff. All furniture is new.

This pic I took after meeting Noriko in a pub/restaurant to pick her up. Before heading home we had coffee and after that we had a very nice beer from a monastry from the South of Holland. This pub cat wasn't begging for food this time. Most of the time she does when she is around. Now she came by herself and sat quietly on Noriko's lap for quite some time.

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