Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Scanning pictures

I've tried to re-install my flatbedscanner under XP, because I wanted to scan some pics from my huge photocollection that I shot since I started with photography (that was in 1991 during my first trip to Israel). There seem to be a hardwareproblem, which I haven't been able to solve yet. Yesterday I installed an all in one scanner/copier/printerer/fax at my sister's place, so I used it to scan a few of my pics, so I could post a few here.

Finally I want to scan my complete negative archive (35 mm and APS-film).
With my current flatbedscanner I could scan 35 mm films and slides, but that would be very time consuming, because it takes about 4 to 5 minutes to get a high resolution and high quality scan of each picture. Imagine how much time that would cost if I want to scan around 15.000 photos. With the flatbedscanner I also can't scan APS-film. So later this year I'm planning to buy a filmscanner. This is the one I have in mind. Besides my 35 mm and APS-film I also could scan my parents slide collection. This collection contains lots of slides when I was a kid, so that should be fun.

Anyway, here are the first two pics that I scanned Sunday. They were made in March 2001 during one of my stays in Japan. I remembered it was a very nice day in Springtime and cherry blossom was blooming everywhere. I took these pics of the two gentlemen from a distance in the park where we were taking a walk. I admit I have a bit of a voyeur in me (in a decent way), but I like portraits, especially when the people in the picture don't pose too much. The best way to achieve that is when people are not aware of it when their picture is taken.

For now I'll post two pics, but soon there will be more.

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