Monday, March 27, 2006

Our last weekend's trip (2)

As I promised yesterday here are some more pics from our daytrip to Middelburg and Vlissingen last week Sunday March 19th.
Blogger is still slow, but not as slow as last night. But it still took 3 to 4 minutes to upload a picture, so for now I'll only post the selected pics from Middelburg. The broader selection still can be seen at my on-line album at Photobucket. Tomorrow I'll post the rest of the selected pics from Vlissingen, unless Blogger is still slow.
This is the "Lange Jan" (Long John) a 89 metres high church tower.

This is the same churchtower, but from a different angle.

The dome that you see belongs to the "Oostkerk" (Eastchurch)

Some of the (restored?) merchanthouses that shows the prosperous past of Middelburg.

On this insignia you'll find the Latin motto of the province of Zeeland: Luctor et Emergo, I wrestle and rise above. In the insignia you see a lion standing till it's waist in the water, representing the neverending struggle of Zeeland against the water. Through the centuries Zeeland was in a constant battle with the sea. The last devastating flood was in 1953, which killed more than 1800 people. This flood triggered the start of an enormous Deltaplan which was an ingenious system of deltaworks, which took a few decades to realize.

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