Wednesday, July 25, 2007

First attempt macro photography

Noticed that I didn't post for more than two weeks. I was quite busy. N. and I went on a short three day trip two weeks ago. Hardly didn't took any pictures. Until last weekend. I tried my 105mm f/2.8G AF-S VR Nikon Macro lense for the first time. It was my first serious entry in the amazing world of macro photography.

I didn't had to go far, I only had to walk a few metres from the living room to the conservatory. There was a 3 to 4 mm little fly sitting on the leaves of one of the plants over there. I'm quite new to macro photography, but I soon found out that it's a whole different branch of sport than portrait-, architecture- or landscapephotography. I surely have a lot of trial and error and experimenting to do when it comes to macro photography, but it certainly is exiting.

N. is also growing lavenderplants on the outside balcony which attracts humblebees. I've already shot some pictures of humblebees collecting nectar from the lavender, but most of the pictures didn't came out too well. I didn't use a tripod so that's probably one of the readons why most of the pics failed, but it also was windy which made the stems of the lavender move a lot.

Anyway, despite the poor result with the bumblebees and the so so result with the fly I'm exited enough to go on and continue with macro photography.

I also might need some extension tube sets between the camera and the lense so I can get closer to the subject. The closest focus range for the
105mm f/2.8G AF-S VR Nikon Macro lense is 31 cm and for little animals like flies, bees etc.. that's not close enough. And of course animals and children in general are not the most cooperative creatures in the world. With the picture below I made a cut out from the original picture and enlarged the cutout to the size of the fly that you see below.

Here is an example of one the shots from the fly.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Just a rainbow

Not so much to show this time. Just two lucky shots that I took with the Canon Ixus 850 right outside our frontdoor short after a heavy rainshower. Lucky in a sense that the rainbow appeared just outside in front of our place.
A total view of the rainbow
And a close-up