Saturday, March 11, 2006

Scanner works (finally)

It took some time and some trial and error but I finally manage to get my flatbedscanner working. I have started to scan some pics and I'll have plenty material to post the coming two or three weeks.

I'll kick off with some pics shot at Christmas 2001 from the Tokyo Rainbow Bridge. Noriko and I stayed that Christmas at a nice and quite luxurious hotel (forgot the name). We spend our hotel gift certificates that we got from some friends during our houseparty before (or after, I can't remember exactly) our Japanese wedding ceremony a year earlier in May 2000. Here (post August 27th) and here (post September 2nd) you can see pics from our wedding day.

The pics from the bridge were shot from the hotelbalcony. It were not the first pics that were shot from the Tokyo Rainbow Bridge. If you look here you can see at the first post (September 25th) on top of the page a pic that was shot three and a half years earlier with a Samsung ECX 1.

The first pic is a panoramashot from the bridge. The other two were shot at night. The red tower in the back (better enlarge the pic) is Tokyo Tower. Probably it's better seen on the two night shots. These pics were taken with the small but very good Minotla Vectis 3000.


Cat said...

Lovely photos, these :) I really like the night shots!

B_ForeverYoung said...

Thanks for the compliments. I was quite happy with the results back then.