Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just a little more patience

I'm suffering from a cold, so a little more patience, but there are soon some updates coming up with pics and impressions from Sonisphere, North Sea Jazz Festival and the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra which we visited last Sunday.

Now I'm off to bed. See you soon!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pinkpop 2009 (4)

This will be the last post with pics from the bands we saw at the 40th edition of the Pinkpop music festival. This time I've uploaded some pics from the performances of Keane and Placebo.

Although I haven't seen one bad or mediocre performance and I liked all the bands that we saw I personally thought that the performance of Keane was the best. Of course you always can argue and of course it's also a matter of personal taste and preference, but for me it was the overall combination of a good sound, an exited crowd and the enthusiastic respond from the band and it's frontman Tom Chaplin which made it a very enjoyable performance.

Keane also did a very memorable cover of the Queen/David Bowie- song "Under Pressure" which gave me shivers through my spine, which doesn't happen that often. The video of "Under Pressure" can be seen here.

With Keane we were standing not so far from the stage, so I could take a few reasonable good shots which you can see below. At the festival it was not allowed to take a SLR-camera, only compact camera's were allowed. I'm sure that I would have been able to take some better shots with my SLR. With the compact camera often at maximum zoom (it's a Panasonic TZ5) it wasn't easy among a dancing and jumping crowd to make good steady shots.

With Placebo we were standing far away from the stage, so unfortunately I wasn't able to take some close up shots. Only from far away and because it was already getting dark it was very difficult to make pics that were not moved. Checking the pictures back home there wasn't a single shot from the stage that wasn't moved. So finally only a few shots from the big videoscreens next to the stage came out more or less okay.

The performance of Placebo was good, but it was probably because we were standing not so close to the stage that I didn't felt so much involved in the concert. Probably also because we were a bit distracted by lots of people behind us already walking to the exit. It was a pitty, because the performance itself was good. Anyway it was a nice day with good performances, although a little disappointing, because the main act for which N. wanted to visit Pinkpop, Depeche Mode had to cancel, due to illness of their lead singer Dave Cahan. But we're glad he recovered and Depeche Mode is touring again and we have tickets now for their concert on November 30th in Rotterdam.

I will embed some video's from Keane and Placebo to my music weblog BrownNosieMusic soon. Actually you can already see one video of Placebo at my other weblog.

I also will upload pictures soon from Sonisphere where N. and I went three weeks ago. And this Sunday we will visit North Sea Jazz Festival, so I guess I also will have pictures from this festival soon. Until the next upload enjoy the pictures here below.
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