Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sonisphere 2009, Nijmegen (2)

I'm a bit behind with posting. Main reason is that my work is quite demanding at the moment. I often get home late and once at home I didn't always had heo energy or the mood to post.

To avoid that I'm getting too much behind I will post most of the pics with a minimum of backgroudinformation. Basically it will be some information about the happening/event and sometime what you'll see on the pic.This will be the last selection of pics from Sonisphere 2009, Nijmegen, Holland.

Korn was the fifth act and personally I found their performance the best of the evening. The sound was good, the reponse of the crowd was good and they played a swell set. The first 4 pics are from their set. The next 4 are from Slipknot. And the last two are from the set of Metallica.

In my next posting(s) I will post pics and some short comments from our visit to North Sea Jazz Festival.

(click on the pics to enlarge)