Saturday, February 18, 2006

It's my party and I cry if I want to....

I wanted to post this pictures earlier this week, but since last Tuesdaynight I was suffering from a nasty flu/heavy cold. Now I'm feeling much better compared to last Wednesday and Thursday.

Thursday February 9th I turned 40 (yeah, yeah I know) and during the weekend of the 11th I had a small birthdayparty with some good friends. Noriko spend a lot of time preparing lots of sushi. She did an excellent job and created some gorgeous and very tasty sushi. She made 7 plates with more than 100 pieces of sushi. First she was afraid she made too much, but at the end of the night all sushi was gone. It was a great success. The sushimaster herself was not satisfied with the picture I took from her with some of her creations, so you have to do it with just some of the sushi pics and a pic from the birthdayboy. Although the title of this post and the t-shirt below might give you a different idea, 40 ain't that bad. Had more trouble with it when I turned 30.
It looks gorgeous, doesn't it?
The birthdayboy

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