Monday, July 24, 2006

Our trip to Paris (6) - Père Lachaise (3)

I didn't spend much time at the computer the past two weeks. Way too hot here in Holland. It's still too hot, but because it's already two weeks ago since my last post I thought it was about time to post again. This will be my last post with pics from our trip to Paris last month. I have some more pics from Père Lachaise I would like to share. Here and there I will add a little bit backgroundinformation and links to some more information.
The grave of Louis Visconti, a French (but born in Italy) architect and designer of Napoleon’s tomb at the Invalides and (parts of) the new Louvre.
The grave of Oscar Wilde.
Some idiots thought it was necessary to put some "nice" graffiti on the tombsculpture.
Those braindead morons obviously can't read.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Our trip to Paris (5) - Père Lachaise (2)

Here is part two of my serie of pictures taken at Père Lachaise during our trip to Paris. In my first post with pics from Père Lachaise I forgot to add the link to the website of the cemetry. On this very nice website you can take a virtual tour. On the map of the cemetry you'll find around 100 points from where you can have a 360 degree panoramic view. Recommended! For some more background information on the famous cemetry you could check here.

Besides the images of the "less" known (but often still impressive) graves there also will be some pics from graves from some more welll known people. In that case I will mention it briefly.

The grave from Chopin
From a different angle
And a black and white picture
The grave of the French composer Georges Bizet, best known for his opera Carmen.
And of course the grave of Jim Morrison, the singer of The Doors and the main reason for many young people to visit Père Lachaise. I saw lots of them who even were not born when Jim Morrison died in 1971.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Our trip to Paris (4) - Père Lachaise (1)

Here is part 4 of our pics from our trip to Paris last month. This will be part 1 from the pics that I took at Père Lachaise, the famous cemetry. I have a weak spot (from a photographers point of view) for graveyards and cemetries. In my humble opinion they are ideal places for black and white photography. Most of the time you'll find a good mix of black, white and grey colours which gives a good contrast which often gives good results when you shoot in black and white.

Père Lachaise is quite a big place. We took a break halfway, but we totally spend a little over 4 hours there and we still didn't see all the famous graves that we wanted to see. It's a gorgeous, quiet and peaceful place, with lots of green and nice paths. You absolutely don't have the idea that you are in the middle of the big city Paris. You hardly hear any traffic. When you walk around at Père Lachaise, only the size of the cemetry gives you the idea that you must be in a huge city.

But enough writing for now. Let's take a look at some of the pics. Later this week I will post part two, three and maybe four of the pics from Père Lachaise.

The subway exit/entrance of Père Lacahise
The grave of Edith Piaf the famous French singer