Sunday, October 30, 2005

More Crete pics (6)

This probably will be my last post from Holland for the next two weeks. If I can find some time I might post a few more pics tomorrow, but I can't promise. Tuesday I'm leaving Holland for two weeks to visit my very good friend Julie in the USA. I'll take my laptop and camera with me, so I probably will be able to post from there. Don't know yet, but I think this also will be the last posting with Crete pics. If I want to show more pics from Crete I probably will post them on my online photo-album at Photobucket .

Anyway here are the pics and this time some pics from people. Sometimes they are aware of the camera and pose and sometimes they are unaware of the camera.

Noriko has a cute smile, doesn't she?
This handicapted guy looked tired
But it gave me a good photo opportunity. Because it was at the beginning of the evening and it already started to get dark and I didn't want to disturb the older guy with my flash I had to overexpose the picture a bit.
I'm quite satisfied with the result.

This is father Dimitri (if I remembered the priest's name correctly) who takes care of the cave of St. John the Hermit and also runs some kind of free shelter. The friendly and funny older lady is, by what I understood, a regular visitor of the cave. She was dressed in black so I assume that she is a widow.
Noriko don't like this in profile close-up picture of herself, but I think it's a nice shot
This pic was taken by Noriko at the local Saturday market at Chania.
And finally another pic that Noriko took from a little Czech kid at the beach at the Gramvousa fortress

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