Sunday, October 16, 2005

More Crete pics

Here are some more pics from our last trip to Crete. The first serie in my former post was a selection, but from now on I have decided to post some pics every time around a subject or theme. Today it's food. When it comes to food Noriko is the photographer. Everywhere we go she always takes pictures from food and drinks. She considers food as an important part of a country's culture and because of this she always wants to try to taste some local specialties. During out trip to Crete we had our fair share of nice Greek and Cretan cuisine. The following pics were taken by Noriko. Here and there I might put some short comment.
Pic from the local Saturdaymarket at Chania
Pic from one of the fish stands at the Turkish market hall at Chania
Souvlaki BBQ at one of the street cafés at Chania
Very tasty fishsoup that Norika ate at a small dinnercafe at the Turkish Market hall
Tasty swordfish that I ate at the same place

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Jessica said...

Very interesting information! You know... I also was in Greece, but now I'd like to visit Crete. I know that it is a big island... Can you tel me best places on Crete to stay there for some days?... May be some hotel names?