Wednesday, October 19, 2005

More Crete pics (3)

Today I'll show some animal pics from Crete. There were loads of cats and dogs and many of them were straycats and -dogs. You saw many cats at the restaurants begging for food. Most of them looked well fed, probably because most of the tourist gave them food at the restaurants. It surprised us that the cats were tolerated and weren't chased away at the restaurants, because I always understood that at most of the Mediterranean countries they are not so friendly towards animals, especially towards straycats and -dogs.
Anyway here are some of the pics.

A cute cat couple at the traditional mountain village of Milia
Noriko and the watchdog of Milia
A sheep near the cave of St. John the hermit, a greek-orthodox saint
This dog at the old Venetian port of Chania looked a bit too well fed
For some reason this horse reminded me of Mr. Ed
This cute and very energetic little dog belong to the captain on the boat from Kissamos to Gramvousa and the gorgeous beach of Balos
Finally some dead animal hanging at a butcher's shop. You could see the animal's tail, but I don't have any idea what kind of animal this could have been.
Update: according to one of my colleagues at work it's a young pig. Over here they cut short the tails of pigs, so that is why I didn't recognized it as a pig.

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