Sunday, October 23, 2005

New links added

Today no new pics. This time I have added some new links at the right sidebar. Some time ago I already announced that I would add some new links. Little by little I will add some new ones.

This time I have added a few newslinks to news(paper) websites. Sites that I visit on a regular basis.

Also added a link to a Dutch weblog that I often visit called Verbal Jam. It's only in Dutch unfortunately, but is is well written and often with a good sense of humour. Recommended for my Dutch visitors.

Finally I have added some movie websites. As everybody can see in my profile I have a more than average interest in Asian movies. I like Japanese cinema for quite some time and since a few years I also discovered Korean cinema. It won't surprise much that I have added some Asian movie websites. Most of them offer reviews and some other backgroundinformation. I'm still looking around for more interesting moviewebsites. If I find I will add them later.



Verbal Jam said...

Thank you! I feel very flattered. ;-) I will add you to the Verbal Jam link list as well.

Bert said...

The only Asian movies that I really like ( i.e. know ) are Israeli ( only a few of them ), Iranian ( I saw two or three very interesting Iranian movies ), and the occasional
Jackie Chan film :-)

B_ForeverYoung said...

Barbarian, you are missing a lot. :-)