Monday, October 24, 2005

More Crete pics (5)

Today some more houses and historical stuff again. The first three pics were all taken in the old part of Chania. If you ever visit here avoid the main (shopping and souvenir)streets. Slip into the small alleys near the Venetian port or the Turkish Market, get lost (which is hard to do) and walk around. There you find the most gorgeous, colourful and picturesque houses.
This pic was taken at Knossos. The guide books already warned us a bit, so we weren't that disappointed, but it was a bit disappointing. No question that it is an interesting place. It always give me a special feeling to walk around a place with remains that go back for about 4000 years. But it seems (also by what I read) that by todays standards Arthur Evans, the amateur archeologist who uncovered the Knossos palace the beginning of the 20th century, used a bit too much of his imagination when he tried to reconstruct parts of the old palace. Some parts look a bit too fake and sometimes it's difficult to tell which parts are original and which parts have been reconstructed. Seeing bits of ferroconcrete also didn't help much to give you an authentic feeling.
Noriko and I found the Archeological Museum at Heraklion much more interesting. We were glad we went, but if we go back to Crete I'm pretty sure we won't visit again.

One of the houses of the mountainvillage Milia
A black and white pic from the same mountainvillage
And finally a pic shot at the plateau from the Venetian and pirate fortress at Gramvousa

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