Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pubcats again

In this, this and this posting I posted about pubcats before. Last Thursday we met another pubcat in our hometown Utrecht. Like most pubcats this one was spoiled too. He or she (we didn't check and we didn't ask) was treated like a king/queen by the pubowner. While the cat was sitting next to us on a chair he/she was brought water at the table, shortly followed by some catfood. It was funny to watch. The cat obviously enjoyed all the attention from the owner and from us and behaved like a regular customer of the pub.

After some time he/she thought it was about time to get some fresh air and the cat walked out of the window. You should know that the pub is next to the canal and the groundfloor of the pub is about 7 or 8 metres above the water. Outside the window in the back at the canal there was only a small sloping roof with a windowsill. The cat looked very relaxed and confident and did this obviously more often. So the cat just sat down the end of the windowsill and enjoyed the view over the canal.

N. and I mangaged to take some funny and nice pictures from the cat and from the view on the canal from the window. Some of the results will be shown below.

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