Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Some maintenance and some animalpics

I have been doing some maintenance on my weblog. Since January I'm using the New Blogger. One of the new features is the use of labels. The past few days I went through all my previous posts, added labels and added also some extra links to backgroundinformation related to the subject(s) of the post. If you click on a label you'll get all the posts with the same label.

This time some animalpics that were shot in our hometown Utrecht both by my girlfriend and me with her camera. She took care of the dog pics and I took care of the cat pics
Looks like I've created a monster. A typical case of shooting a picture at the wrong moment. If you didn't know better you would think that the cat was very vicious and ready to scratch my eyes out. But she was only yawning.
This is how the cats looks like when she's not yawning.
I've posted about the cat and the bulldog before in this post.
The dog didn't look very clever, but he compensated it with his friendlyness and enthusiasm
If my owner would tie me up to the bicycle and went for shopping I would thought: "Screw you guys I'm going home". (With thanks to Eric Cartman from Southpark)

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