Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (Great fun)

Didn't took much pictures the last two weeks that were worthwhile to share. But last night we had a a great night with musical fun.

Last Night N., two friends and also former roommates and yours truly went to a concert of the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra in our hometown Utrecht. For those who are not familiair with their music you can describe their music as Madness meets The Pogues with a bit of punk-, jazz-, soul-, funk- and bigband- and even klezmerinfluences added to the overall mixture, creating a live performance that turns every musicevent into a partying, jumping and dancing whole.

N. and I saw the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra for the first time two years ago at the Parkpop Festival, a free music festival at The Hague, which is always held at the last Sunday of June every year. Although they were playing early in the afternoon, they got the whole crowd jumping and dancing, including me and that's quite an achievement if you know that I'm not a big dancinglover. They have a great and very energetic live performance and they also proved that last night.

We had a wonderful and fun time last night N. and I manage to made a few pictures and I shot two videos that I uploaded at YouTube. The video's can be seen here and here.

I also made a (little more extended) posting about the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra at my musicweblog at BrownNoiseMusic.

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