Monday, December 12, 2005

Pub Cat

Once, sometimes twice a week I pick up Noriko from the pub. She discovered this typical nearby local pub last summer. She liked the friendly atmosphere and since last summer she often goes there after shopping
on Saturday and sometimes Thursdaynight for a coffee or a beer. When she arrives there she gives me a call and then I pick her up on the bicycle. We drink one or two beers and then go home.

In this pub there's a quite big pub cat walking around. He is a former straycat but the people of the pub took care of the cat and now he belongs to the pub interior, always lying on the table (and when it's too crowded lying under the table) or sitting in front of the door begging to go outside.

Here are two pics of the cat that were taken by Noriko. BTW the beer next to the cat on picture two was Noriko's. As far as I know the cat only likes milk and coffeecream.

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