Monday, July 24, 2006

Our trip to Paris (6) - Père Lachaise (3)

I didn't spend much time at the computer the past two weeks. Way too hot here in Holland. It's still too hot, but because it's already two weeks ago since my last post I thought it was about time to post again. This will be my last post with pics from our trip to Paris last month. I have some more pics from Père Lachaise I would like to share. Here and there I will add a little bit backgroundinformation and links to some more information.
The grave of Louis Visconti, a French (but born in Italy) architect and designer of Napoleon’s tomb at the Invalides and (parts of) the new Louvre.
The grave of Oscar Wilde.
Some idiots thought it was necessary to put some "nice" graffiti on the tombsculpture.
Those braindead morons obviously can't read.

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