Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Our trip to Paris (5) - Père Lachaise (2)

Here is part two of my serie of pictures taken at Père Lachaise during our trip to Paris. In my first post with pics from Père Lachaise I forgot to add the link to the website of the cemetry. On this very nice website you can take a virtual tour. On the map of the cemetry you'll find around 100 points from where you can have a 360 degree panoramic view. Recommended! For some more background information on the famous cemetry you could check here.

Besides the images of the "less" known (but often still impressive) graves there also will be some pics from graves from some more welll known people. In that case I will mention it briefly.

The grave from Chopin
From a different angle
And a black and white picture
The grave of the French composer Georges Bizet, best known for his opera Carmen.
And of course the grave of Jim Morrison, the singer of The Doors and the main reason for many young people to visit Père Lachaise. I saw lots of them who even were not born when Jim Morrison died in 1971.

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