Monday, July 03, 2006

Our trip to Paris (4) - Père Lachaise (1)

Here is part 4 of our pics from our trip to Paris last month. This will be part 1 from the pics that I took at Père Lachaise, the famous cemetry. I have a weak spot (from a photographers point of view) for graveyards and cemetries. In my humble opinion they are ideal places for black and white photography. Most of the time you'll find a good mix of black, white and grey colours which gives a good contrast which often gives good results when you shoot in black and white.

Père Lachaise is quite a big place. We took a break halfway, but we totally spend a little over 4 hours there and we still didn't see all the famous graves that we wanted to see. It's a gorgeous, quiet and peaceful place, with lots of green and nice paths. You absolutely don't have the idea that you are in the middle of the big city Paris. You hardly hear any traffic. When you walk around at Père Lachaise, only the size of the cemetry gives you the idea that you must be in a huge city.

But enough writing for now. Let's take a look at some of the pics. Later this week I will post part two, three and maybe four of the pics from Père Lachaise.

The subway exit/entrance of Père Lacahise
The grave of Edith Piaf the famous French singer

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