Monday, February 13, 2006

Japan in Holland

Last Thursdaynight Noriko, my good friend Andy from England and me went to a socalled izakaya in Amsterdam. An izakaya is a Japanese pub. You can check the link for some more info what an izakaya is. There are not many izakayas in Holland, but in Japan it's a popular form of eating out after work. In a way you can say that an izakaya is the Japanese equivalent of the Spanish tapas bar.

Anyway, this is a very nice place. I've been to this place a few times before. The time you spend there you really have the feeling that you are abroad. The atmosphere in this place is exactly the same as in Japan. About 90 to 95% of the customers are Japanese, which often is a good sign.

Here are a few pics. To keep a bit of the same kind of atmosphere of my posts from Japan most pictures you are about to see are foodpictures. The main dishes are barbequed meats on a stick, like yakitori, tori-miso (both chicken), buta-miso (pork), but they serve many small snacks, but also udon. The name of the place is Hakata in Amsterdam. Recommended!

This guy behind the counter prepares all night long the barbequed snacks that you see in the first three pictures.
I couldn't remember the name of the last two dishes, but I knew it was very yummy!

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