Sunday, January 15, 2006

Japan (4) - Nagano visit part 1

Like I promised last night I'm going to post some of my pics that I made during my stay at Nagano from Wednesdaynight till Friday where I visited my good friend Motoko. We met each other for the first time in Israel at the kibbutz in 1996, the year that I visited kibbutz Gesher for the fourth time and also the year that my brother got married in Israel. After the wedding I went to the kibbutz and became friends with Motoko and a few other Japanese volunteers. Motoko and I kept in touch since then and I made my first visit to Nagano during my first stay in Japan in 1997.

This must have been my fourth visit to Nagano. The first night we went to a nice and exclusive Chinese restaurant. You have to take my word that the food was gorgeous, because I forgot to take my camera with me. The next day we visited the mountaintown Matsushiro (see: link1 and link2 ) a quiet and historical town with a nice and peaceful atmosphere. We visited some old historical houses, temples and the local castle. Here are the first pics. I also shot some black and white pics. Because I shot quite some pics I will split them up and post some more in some posts I'm going to make later today.
Motoko, me and Motoko's mother in front of one of the many small museums of Matsushiro

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