Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Japan (2)

Today some pics from yesterday and today. Yesterday we all went out for lunch at an Italian restaurant to meet a friend from Noriko's mother. This month he is on a businesstrip to Europe and goes to Cologne, Germany, Milan, Italy and Rotterdam, Holland. He's a designer and a friendly and interesting person. Although he visited Holland before, Noriko and I could give him some tips about typical Dutch food and public transport.

In the evening we went out for dinner at a so called Yaki-Niku place. Yaki-niku means 'grilled meat', usually grilled on a hot plate, derived from the Japanese verb yaku 'to grill/roast/fry' and niku 'meat'. (Although niku is originally from Chinese, the word has been almost completely naturalised). Although this place was different from Korean barbeque, the style of preparing is similar. You order some plates with different kinds of meat, most of the meat is marinated and you prepare them yourself on the barbeque, that is in the middele of the table. You can order some sidedishes, some soups, ramen and many other stuff. The food was nice and we had a nice time. Here are a few pics from last night.

Taito showing his chopstickskills again.
On the left you see Noriko's sister, Taito and Noriko's mother

Today Noriko and I went out for lunch at a sushiplace. Although I'm not a huge fisheater I eat fish on some occasions. This sushi place is not a place where you pick your little plates with sushi from a belt that is running around, that probably most westerners know. At these places you never know how long some of the plates have been on the belt. At the place we visited today your order is freshly prepared in front of you. Noriko ordered some mixed plate with different sushi's and I had tuna tartare (I forgot the Japanese name, have to ask Noriko) with sushi rice and chopped springonions. The dish was served with some salad, miso soup, green tea and a cup with some steamed egg. The steamed egg was a bit to soft and weak for me. I first thought it was some tofu. But the rest was very yummy. With some soysauce and wasabi it was a very delicious and quite cheap dish. My dish costed 700 Yen (about 5 Euro 30/6 Dollar 25) and Noriko's dish 1000 Yen (about 7 Euro 70/8 Dollar 95).

People always think that Japan is an expensive country. In a lot of ways it is, but when it comes to food and eating out there are plenty of cheap places. For 400 to 1000 Yen you can have a good meal. At lunchtime they have those all you can eat buffets for between 900 and 1200 Yen. Alcohol is a bit expensive, but when it comes to food Japan is much cheaper and with a greater variety than Holland. I really like it here. :-) Here are two pics from today's lunch.
After lunch I went to Ikebukuro station to reserve a trainticket to Nagano where I'm going to visit a good friend Wednesday. I will stay there till Friday and then return to Tokyo. I didn't practice much lately on my Japanese conversation, but I managed to do the whole reservationconversation (funny word) in Japanese and end up with the right traintickets.

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