Saturday, January 14, 2006

Japan (3)

Just got back from a nice evening out. We came home a little bit later then I planned when we left home. I was planning to post some pics from my trip to Nagano, but I drunk a little bit too much beer and sake so I think I'll post the pics later this Sunday.

Noriko and I went out for dinner together at some Japanese Izakaya (Japanese pub), but the food here was a bit more exclusive than in the average Japanese Izakaya. Unfortunately I didn't took my camera to take some pics, but I had some very tasty beef. In Holland we would say it taste like if an angel just pee on your tongue. I also had some soba noodles and some small side dishes which I can't remember all the names of.

After that we went to a local jazz-bar (website only in Japanese) for a drink. There was a jam-session going on and there was a very nice, gentle and intimate atmosphere. After the jam-session everybody was gathering around a square table in the middle of the establishment and was drinking and talking. I was the only foreigner, so they were quite curious about Holland and I had to answer a lot of questions. Also talked a lot about music. It was an interesting and very friendly group of people.

They were all musicians and some of them were quite well informed about the Dutch jazzscene. They knew Hans and Candy Dulfer, Han Bennink, Louis van Dijk and the Willem Breuker Kollektief. There was a woman who played very good piano. Her 12 year old son was there too. He played pretty good drums and was also participating in the jam-session. He was a nice kid and was also very much interested in history.

We planned to go for just one drink, but finally we had a little bit more than one drink and we stayed there for almost 4 hours. We had a very nice and interesting time.

Like I said at the beginning of this post I will post some pics from my Nagano trip later this Sunday. Need a little more patience.

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