Thursday, May 17, 2007

Catching up posting pics (part 2)

I have a busy period behind me. Last Friday I got married with the love of my life N. and although we didn't had a very big wedding there was still a lot of organization involved. We had a few guests from Japan, England and my brother came across from Israel and they all needed to be looked after. But everything went smooth and we had a marvelous day with a nice ceremony and an enjoyable party with good food and drinks in a quiet and pleasant relaxed atmosphere.

For those who are curious about our weddingpictures I have to disappoint you. I'm not going to post pictures from our wedding on this photoblog. Not that they are not worth seeing, but because N. and my mother in law doesn't like it when their pictures are shown to everybody on the internet. I probably might post some of them on an online private photoalbum where only invited people can enter.

So you have to do it in this post with part 2 of my catching up pictures. This time a selection of pics from a cycling trip that I made early in the morning of May 5th, 6 days before our wedding and almost two weeks after the pictures that I showed in the posting before this one. Again they were taken at my regular route from my hometown Utrecht, Oud-Zuilen, Maarssen, Breukelen and Nieuwersluis. After Nieuwersluis I didn't continue and I turned and went back home, because I had some things to do in preparation of our wedding.

This time mainly pictures of birds with little chicks and a stray picture of a building. Most will speak for themselves again, so I won't add much comment to them.

This is part of the Willem III (William the third) militairy barracks at Nieuwersluis and named after King William III who reigned from 1849 until his death in 1890. The barracks first served as a trainingplace for new recruits. After that it became a facility for disciplinary punished soldiers and nowadays it's a women's prison. The barracks are close to Fort Nieuwersluis, the fortress that is part of the Hollandse Waterlinie (Dutch Waterline) and is on the opposite site of the river Vecht.
Because of the reed it was hard to focus on the swan and its chicks, but the unsharp reed adds some nice effect to the pictures I think. A passing by pedestrian offered to keep the reed away so I could get a sharp picture of the swan, but I told him that I didn't want to disturb the swan and the youngsters too much.

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