Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Boattrip (part 1)

Since our wedding I didn't took much pictures. The week holiday I had from work after the wedding I mostly used to relax and catch up some sleep . My friend Andy from England stayed until the Tuesday after the wedding.

The monday before he left we went on a two hour boattrip on the river Linge at Leerdam the city where I grew up and lived for 17 years and where my parents and sister and her family still live.

As a child and teenager I often went on bicyclerides along the riverdykes that surrounds the river Linge. It's a gorgeous part of the Netherlands. The area is called "De Betuwe" and is famous for it's fruitproduction. Especially in the Springtime when the orchards and fruittrees are blooming it's very gorgeous to take a walk or bicycleride along the riverdykes around the Betuwe. If you're ever near the area around springtime it's highly recommended to take a tour around the area.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't so good, but gloomy skies also can enhance the atmosphere and despite not so good weather I shot some nice pictures, I think and we had an enjoyable boattrip. The perspective from the river is quite different than the perspective from the riverdykes when you're cycling there.

In this post some pics from the boattrip and I'll post e few more in a the next posting which I'm planning to do tomorrownight. BTW these pics were taken with a Canon Ixus 850, a compact camera that I got 4 weeks ago. Since my wife's digital camera broke down the beginning of the year she use my Nikon P2, so I was looking for a new compact camera and that became the Canon Ixus 850. One of the resons to choose for the Canon Ixus 850 is that this is a small camera which is one of the few camera's in this section of the market with wideangle possibilities.

Mrs. Aerden's Courtyard seen from the Linge
The gloomy skies I was talking about
The tower you see are the remains of a former windmill
The wall you see behind the topped pollard willows is the citywalls from the town called Asperen

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