Sunday, April 22, 2007

Not so foggy pictures

I still had to post the rest of the selected pics as a sequel to the "Foggy Pictures"-post. The pics that I'm going to post now were made during the same bicycletrip that I made on Easter Sunday. These pics were taken a little bit later on the day when most of the fog was gone and sometimes the sun was getting through. It's a bit of a mix of animals (birds), still life scenes and houses (mainly country estates, originally built in the 17th and 18th century by merchants from Amsterdam) which I saw cycling down the river Vecht.

Most of the pictures speak for themselves, I guess.

These two windmills which you can see on the back between this tree view through are the biggest and the smallest windmills of the Utrecht province.
This is castle Nyenrode and is the home nowadays of the Nyenrode Business University
I assume this swan had a nearby nest, because the swan was behaving very aggressive. I was standing on the footpath about one and a half meter from the waterfront and every time I moved away from my parked bicycle a little bit closer to the waterfront the swan was hissing and swimming towards the waterfront and threatening to come ashore. When I stepped back behind my bicycle it was okay for the swan. But I manage to shoot some nice pics (I think). I didn't push the swan to the edge. Taking pictures of wildlife is okay, but you shouldn't bother the animals too much with your annoying presence.

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