Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Foggy pictures (some of them)

I went cycling again last Sundaymorning. It was an impulsive decision. I was awake early, watched outside, I saw it was foggy and thought maybe this could give me some nice photo opportunities. And because of Easter it probably wouldn't be very crowded on the road early in the morning. So I got up prepared some of my photogear, took a shower, packed some fruits and drinks for during the trip, got my cycling outfit on and off I went.

It was quite waterkoud as we say in Dutch or clammy in English, so I was glad I took some gloves with me. I took almost the same route as one week earlier. So I cycled from my hometown Utrecht again through Oud-Zuilen, Maarssen and Breukelen and then through Loenen and then to Nieuwersluis.

Short after about 4 kilometres I spotted the grebe-couple again with their three youngsters from last week. I guess it was the same couple again, because it was exactly at the same spot I saw them a week before. It's amazing how quick the youngsters grow. If you look at a single yougster maybe you won't see the difference, but if you look at their size a week ago compared to their mother, than you can spot the difference quite easily, I think.

Because of the fog the grebe-pictures aren't so colourful as last week. But as you can see in some of the other pictures fog creates another atmosphere with it's own dynamic.
One of the youngsters tries to climb in the mother's back.
Despite the upcoming sun the mist was quite persistent.
The foggy outlines you see are belonging to "Slot Zuylen" and the place of birth of the female novelist and poet "Belle van Zuylen" (pseudonym of Isabelle de Charrière) (1740-1805) who had quite (for those days) a liberal upbringing.
When I took this picture the sun was slowly getting through and it was getting less foggy. This male swan kept a close eye on me while I took pictures of his nesting partner.
I have some more swan-pictures laterAlthough the AF-S VR 70-300 mm f 4.5-5.6G IF-ED lens is not suitable for macro photography I think these two pictures came out quite okay. The rest of the selection of pictures I will post later this week.


Princess Banter said...

Those are beautiful! It makes me want to come visit the Netherlands again!!!

B_ForeverYoung said...

Thanks for the compliments.

FAPORT International said...

Beautiful scenes, i like all, very attractive, nice blog:)

B_ForeverYoung said...

Thanks for the possitive comment!