Sunday, September 24, 2006

More Forts (5)

Just pick up were I left a few day ago. Here are some pics shot on the same day as the pictures from fort Everdingen, which you can see in my former post. In this post I'll show some pics that I made at Fort "Nieuwe Steeg", near the village of Asperen and the city of Leerdam. Steeg is de Dutch word for (small) alley.

It was the first time ever that this fort was open to the public. We had a half hour guided tour and after that we wandered around parts of the fort ourselves. The interesting thing about this fort was that in case of inundation (flooding) the fort would be completely surrounded by water, just like an island.

Here are some of the pics.

BTW, Wikipedia also provides some backgroundinformation about the "Hollandse Waterlinie" (Dutch Waterline).

Part of a hand driven ammunition elevator
The key cabinet with all the keys of the different buildings.

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