Thursday, September 14, 2006

More Forts (1)

Here are some more pics of the fortresses that we've been visiting the past few weekends. I'm a little behind with posting, so for some more backgroundinformation about the specific fortress I'll refer to the general website of the "Hollandse Waterlinie", The Dutch Water(defense)line. In this post some pics from our visit of Fort Vechten near Utrecht. We visited here two and a half weeks ago. This is the second largest fort after Fort Rijnauwen.
This is the back of a machine gun casemate. This is one of the few that still has it's original cast iron gun turret on it. Most of the cast iron gun turrets were taken by the Germans in World War 2 to be used in their warindustry.
This is the front of the casemate, here you can see the iron cast gun turret on top of the casemate.

On the right side of the wall you can see part of the surrounding moat but it's all covered by duckweed.
You often find bunkers nearby the forts in the surrounding meadows. Tomorrow some more pictures from other forts.

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