Saturday, June 10, 2006

World cup Football and upcoming trip

The worldcup football in Germany started today. Holland is also joining and all over the country a total Orange madness has come down. Many streets have been decorated with flags, banners and other orange stuff (orange is our national colour).

Some of this stuff can be seen at pics over here. The post (in Dutch) belonging to this URL was actualy about last Tuesday, 06-06-06 and made a funny connection between the "number of the beast" and the orange madness, with the shown pics as proof.

But even our local cake- and bakery shop couldn't resist this orange madness as the pics below, made into one pic by Noriko, shows.
Don't get me wrong I like to watch football every now and then, but I think that some of this orange madness is a bit too much over the top.

Saturday I'm off for a 6-day trip to Paris. I'm pretty sure I'll come back with a lot of pics, so I will make up with you for not posting much the past few weeks.

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Bert said...

Ik moest aan jullie denken toen ik gisteren las dat Japan uiteindelijk verloren had. Ik wist niet beter of het was 1-0 gebleven, en ik zag jullie al lekker relaxed op een terrasje met een groot televisiescherm zitten.