Monday, June 19, 2006

Our trip to Paris

We got back from Paris last Thursdaynight.

Due to some PC-troubles and my internetconnection I couldn't be online long enough to post earlier.

Anyway we had a lovely time with loads of good food, expensive drinks (not loads, because expensive), nice sightseeing , activities lots of pics and some good laughs.
I'm still sorting out pictures and start posingt them a.s.a.p.
The only disappointment was on our last night. We had manage to book tickets online for an open-air opera on a gorgeous location (Jardin du Luxembourg). The whole week we had excellent weather but on our last night, 5 minutes after the opera started, the rain was pissing down in huge quantities. When it didn't stopped after about 15, 20 minutes the opera was cancelled and moved to this last night, which was of no use for us, because we were leaving last Thursday. But I managed to get our money back the morning we left.
Here are a few pics to start with. There are more to follow the next coming days. These are pics from church Madeleine at night and on the daytime.

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