Tuesday, April 25, 2006


After posting for the last time more than two weeks ago I thought it was about time to post some new pics, but unfortunately there are some problems with my photosoftware. Also having some hardware problems with the computer. My PC probably need a good clean-up and replacing some hardware (probably one of the harddisks and powersupply) and a reinstall of Windows. Hope things will be solved soon, so please have a bit of patience. I'll try to add new pics as soon as possible.

This time I'll post a link to a photowebsite with photos made by Robert Knoth, a Dutch photographer from Rotterdam. It's called Nuclear Nightmares: 20 years after Chernobyl. I ran into this website a few weeks ago. This week there was some item on the news about the disaster 20 years ago on the night of April 26th 1986. It's not a very cheerful subject but the photos and the short descriptions of the people behind the photos makes it a shocking, but also a powerful and very impressive statement.

You can check at:
Nuclear Nightmares

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