Monday, May 08, 2006

Finally some new pics

PC-problems are still not completely solved yet. Because I was busy I haven't been able to take proper care of the PC-trouble. But I can post now, so I better should use this opportunity.

My mate Andy from the UK visited me for a week and went back last Wednesday. We didn't do as much as we planned, but we had a nice time anyway. We made some trips within a one hour reach of my hometown. And the rest of the time we spend in and around my hometown.

Here are a few pics from our visit to Deventer next to the river IJssel, a nice town with a historic centre and a member of the historical Hanseatic League and still call themselve a Hanse city.

A lot of scenes from the famous 1977 war movie (WW 2) "A Bridge Too Far" from Richard Attenbourough was shot around Deventer.

I'll try to post some more pics later on.

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lisa said...

Thanks for sharing...I especially love the black and white ones. lisa