Sunday, April 02, 2006

Introducing new search engine

Since last Thursday I add a new search engine to my weblog in the right frame just below my profile and webstats. There used to be one of Technorati, but after I tried to find something in my archives and not getting the result that I expected I decided to look out on the internet and see if there was a good alternative. It took some time to find what I wanted, but finally I ended up with a service from Google, called Google Free Way. On this page you can find some HTML-code which can be copied into your website/weblog template. You can choose from three options, depending what you want. But on this page they also offered a fourth option.

In this fourth option you can customize the HTML-code through some wizard and give the Google website/weblog search-box the look of your own website/weblog. Also the searchresults will be presented in the look and feel of your own website/weblog. This fourth option can be found here. It cost me some time and some trial and error with the HTML code (long time ago I did some basic HTML-course, but most of it is forgotten) to get it exactly the way I wanted, but it works now.

You only need to register and they show some sponsored links on the page with the searchresults (Google also does that on their regular searchpages, so that's no big deal I think). But apart from that it's totally free.

Later this week some more pics will be posted. This time from the Shichi Festival at Oriomote Island at Okinawa, Japan. So stay tuned.

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