Sunday, November 20, 2005

Colorado (6)

This probably will be my last post with pics from my trip to Colorado. The pics that will be shown here are from the "Garden of the Gods" a collection of red sandstone rock formations which were formed through 300 million years of erosion.

During the ride through the park we saw some spectacular shapes. Unfortunately I don't have pics of those. The pics below were taken from the parking place near the visitor's centre and from the viewpoint at the visitor centre. Another amazing thing for me was how quickly light conditions can change. If you take a look at pic 2 and 3 it's hard to believe that there is just a few minutes difference between the two pics when they were taken. I found it rather amazing that suddenly the sky changed from a bit blur light to a more red coloured sky. If you want to see some more online pics from the "Garden of the Gods" to get an impression of all the different and spectacular shapes you could check this .

It was getting a bit dusky when the last two pics from me and my friend Julie were taken. In the back in the middle you can see Pike's Peak with it's top covered in clouds. We were really lucky it was so clear when we were there on top.

The pics only will give you a slight idea of the beautiful scenery that I saw. It's almost impossible to grasp the grand and gorgeous panoramic views that I experienced. I'm not a religious person, far from that, but this kind of impressive scenery always makes me feel small and humble.

Anyway, before I get sentimental: Enjoy the pics!

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