Monday, November 07, 2005

Colorado (3)

Julie and Alan (Julie's husband) took us (me and Becky) for a ride into the mountains last Saturday. The scenery was very pretty. We saw some wildlife like mountaingoats (forgot how they are officially called) and a huge number of elk. I shot some nice videos with my digital camera from the car, while we drove around. And we made two or three short stops to shoot some pics. Here are a few. Enjoy!


Cat said...

HAVE to comment here. You invited me via my comments on Colorado at my blog and I visited yours to see the photos you mentioned.

I LOVE the big-horned sheep photo. I have seen a few here and got a photo of them -- it was a spiritual moment for me.

They are close to my heart and you don't see them often. I'm glad you shared this one...and all the others are great! I wish you could've seen more snow though - that's always fun, too.

Great blog!

B_ForeverYoung said...

Thanks for your kind comment and for the compliments.