Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pinkpop 2009 (2)

This is going to be my second post about the Pinkpop 2009 music festival which my wife N. and I visited almost three weeks ago. In this post some pics that I shot during the opening act on the Pinkpop Sunday, may 31st. The Dutch band "De Staat" kicked off. Despite the fact that it's always hard to kick off on a festival early afternoon they did an excellent job. They gave an energetic performance and the band received loud and positve feedback from the audience.

For me it was my first acquaintance with the band, and it was a surprising one. The band had their debut album released beginning this year. It's hard to describe their music, but somewhere I read that it's a kind of Queens of the Stone Age meets Tom Waits, Fu Manchu and Elvis.

Some of the tracks of their debut album you can check at the band's I'll upload some videos later on my music weblog BrownNoiseMusic. In the mean time you can check the whole performance of "De Staat" at this link.

Below you see a selection of the pics that I took during their show.

click on the pics to enlarge

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