Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pinkpop 2009 (3)

In my third post about the Pinkpop 2009 music festival this time some pics from the Dutch band Rowwen Hèze and Madness.

The band Rowwen Hèze was the second band we saw that Sunday. It's a Dutch band that sings in the local dialect of the province Limburg and where Pinkpop was held, so they were playing a home game. But the band is popular all around Holland and they have a good live reputation. Their music can be described as a mix of Tex-mex, Irish folk and brass band music. It's a real party band but they also do an occasional ballad.

After Rowwen Hèze we saw Madness. They played Pinkpop before in 1981, the year that U2 also played at the festival together with Fischer-Z, Ian Dury and the Blockheads and other bands. Ian Dury who also played at Pinkpop in 1981 did one of his last recordings before he died in March 2007 with Madness in 1999 as a guest vocalist on the track "Drip fed Fred" on the album "Wonderful".

As I already wrote on my music weblog BrownNoisemusic, Madness was great fun and there was a great party going on among the crowd while they were playing.

You can check some of the pics that I took below. With Madness we were standing a little further from the stage. That's why I don't have many close-ups. With the compact camera on maximum zoom it was often hard to make steady shots in a dancing crowd, despite the image stabilizer of the camera. Anyway enjoy the pics.

There will be one or two more post with pics from Pinkpop coming up. And there is also some other festival stuff on it's way. A week ago N. and I went also to the first Sonisphere wiht headliner Metallica and also Korn and Slipknot with some other heavy metal bands.
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