Sunday, April 13, 2008

A visit to the Zoo part 1

Now I'm finished with my selection of pics from our trip to Bavaria last year I still have to do some catching up with posting pics. This time some pics from a daytrip I made to the zoo of Emmen, called Dierenpark Emmen or also called Noorder Dierenpark.

The zoo is considered as one of Europe's finest and won several prizes. It's sure is a nice zoo. Because I forgot an extra battery for my camera I ended up with a flat battery after a few hours while I would have like to take many more pictures. I'm pretty sure I will go back again to this zoo. So this time you have to do it with this selection. The second serie I will post tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

I think these pictures don't need much comment. Most of them will speak for themselves.

Here you will find the original website of the zoo (only in Dutch and German).

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