Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bavaria part 7

I'm almost getting to the last pictures from our trip to Bavaria last year. There probably will be one or two more postings and then I'm done with Bavaria.

In this posting some pics from our trip around Lake Starnberg or Starnberger See as it's called in German. The main sightseeing places we wanted to visit were the memorial place (the cross in the water) were the drowned body of Ludwig II was found and Roseninsel (Roses Island). The death of Ludwig II until today is still a mystery. Officially his death was suicide by drowning, but he was known as a strong swimmer and according to the autopsy report there was no water found in his lungs. Until today the Wittelsbach-family refuses to solve the mystery.

On the way to Roseninsel we also passed Possenhofen Castle (see picture 14) the birthplace of empress Elisabeth ("Sissi"). Later there will be a little update with some more backgroundinformation. For now enjoy the pictures.

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