Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bavaria part 6 (Update)

One of the worst flu's I had in decades and a very busy job made that my planned catching up postings were delayed a bit more than I planned short after the start of the New Year. This heavy flu kept me in bed for 8 days.

Anyway, here is the first real posting of the New Year.

First some left pictures from our Bavaria trip last year August. After this posting I think I'll have pics left for two or three more postings before I'm done with our Bavaria trip. Then I have pics from a daytrip to Maastricht and a daytrip to the zoo and some pics from some kind of art meets science exhibition that I visited last November, plus pics from our four day trip to Vienna, Austria. So there is plenty to post.

This time some pics from our visit to Nymphenburg Palace at Munich. The official website of Nymphenburg Palace can be found here.

An update with a little more backgroundinformation about some of the pictures will be posted as soon as possible.

For now enjoy the pics.

As promised, a bit later again as planned, a little update on this post with some backgroundinformation about some of the pics.

The main entrancehall of the palace
A part of the ceilingpaintingsA few paintings from the Gallery of the Beauties and one of the highlights of the palace (IMHO). An interesting collection of women, although girls would be better, because all of them were under 21, which were considered beautiful by Ludwig I and painted by Joseph Stieler. Interesting was that some of the portrayed women were not of noble blood, which caused a lot of drama at that time. Some of the women were Ludwig's mistresses. I must admit that Ludwig I had good taste, because some of the portrayed women were very gorgeous.
We were not the only one having a good time at the palace and it's park. You could make nice walks around the huge park and visit some of the pavilions which are spread around the park.
The Pagodenburg , a pavilion with European and Chinese decorative elements as you can see on the picture below.
A part of the interior of one of the rooms at the Badenburg.
At the former royal stables there is a carriage and sleigh museum which contains an extended collection of historical state coaches, gala coupés, ceremonial sleighs and gala equipment from the Bavarian rulers including some of the over the top, extremely decorated coaches and sleighs from Ludwig II.
A painting from Ludwig II during one of his nightly sleighrides, which he often seemed to do.

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