Tuesday, January 30, 2007

International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) (2)

Here is a list with the movies from the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) that I've seen so far with my ratings. Those who are interested in the content of the movies can click on the title for an English description.

The rating goes from 0/+ to +++++ meaning:

0 = very bad
+ = bad
++ = not so good
+++ = good
++++ = very good
+++++ = excellent
Election (+++)

Election2 (++++)

The bare footed kid (+++)

Justice my foot (+++)

Throw Down (+++)

The last dining table (++1/2)

Hana (++++)

Anxiety (++++)

No Mercy for the Rude (++++)

The story of my son (+++)

PTU (++++)

Strawberry Shortcakes (++++1/2)

Living in Fear (++++)

Summer Palace (++++)

Ex-drummer (++++)

Fourteen (++++)
Unfortunately had to skip Fourteen because the movie before this one got delayed and then I would have missed my last train, so the rating is based on the contents and other reviews I saw. Hopefully I will be able to watch this one some other time.

The Matsugane Potshot Affair (++++)

Freesia (+++)
Due to a headache I decided to skip this one. So the rating for this one is also based on my judgement of the content of the movie and reviews that I read elsewhere.

Das Leben der Anderen (+++++)
This excellent German movie was the most impressive movie that I saw during the festival and that I saw for a long time. It's
Oscar nomination for best foreign movie is well deserved. I haven't seen the other candidates for the Oscar, but they must be of an outstanding quality to beat "Das Leben der Anderen (Lives of Others) in my humble opinion.

Driving the lover of my wife (++++)

The 13 remaining movies of my list and my ratings I will post later this weekend.

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