Sunday, December 04, 2005


About once every 4 to 5 weeks my mom gives me a haircut. She always use a set of clippers and gives me a few millimetres length haircut. So it's always pretty short. Only last Sunday the set of clippers broke down halfway the haircut. I couldn't go home with a weird screwed up kind of short mohawk, so my mother used a device she normally only use for my sidebeards. There are no combs on this device to set any hairlength, so the only model that was available was a model football hooligan. It's not completely but very close to bald as the pictures below will show.

It's a relief to see how fast my hair grows back. There is already quite a difference between my hair now and one week ago.

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Bert said...

Zo scheer ik me al weer een paar maanden om de paar weken. bevalt prima.