Monday, October 26, 2009

North Sea Jazz (3)

This will be my last post with pics from North Sea Jazz Festival 2009. This entire post will contain pics from the performance that N. and I saw from Akiko Yano and Hiromi Uehara, two leading ladies in Japanese pop- and jazzmusic. It was the closing performance for us on Sunday July 12th after an interesting day. Although the performance of Lang Lang and Herbie Hancock was also an interesting event, the performance of Akiko Yano and Hiromi Uehara was for us the highlight of the day. Later this week I will also upload/embed some videos from YouTube to my musicweblog BrownNoiseMusic.

Update: I have posted some embedded videos from North Sea Jazz to my musicweblog BrownNoiseMusic. You can check them: here.

For now I will leave you with quite a big selection of pics from Akiko Yano & Hiromi Uehara.(click on the pics to enlarge)

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