Sunday, May 03, 2009


Same old story as ever, it's a lack of time, energy or both.

I got plenty of pictures to post, but it takes a lot of time to sort them out and pick out the best or funniest ones. Anyway I'm still sorting out pictures from our last X-mas visit to England and a week ago on Friday we took a very nice cycle tour in the Betuwe area along the river Linge which tour is also known as the "blossom route". I also took some pics during that tour, but I still haven't sort them out.

For now I leave you with some gorgeous pics that my wife N. took during a cycle tour the day before we went on our cycle tour along the river Linge. The pictures were taken at the bulb region around Lisse. You can see more pics on N.'s cartoon weblog (page 2).

Correction: I mentioned that the pics of my wife N. were taken around Lisse, but that wasn't correct. The pics were taken at the area around Schagen at the province of North Holland.

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