Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bavaria (part 5) (Update)

Next series of pictures. This time from Linderhof Palace. An update with a little more backgroundinformation will follow later.


Here is a little more backgroundinformation about the Linderhof Palace and some of the pictures I shot there. The palace is the smallest of the three palaces (Neuschwanstein, Herrenchiemsee and Linderhof) that were built by Ludwig II of Bavaria. We visited Linderhof Palace on the second day of our two day trip after we visited Neuschwanstein castle (see for info and pics this posting) and Hohenschwangau castle (see for info and pics this posting) on the first day.

Linderhof was the only palace that Ludwig II saw completed during his life. Although a lot smaller there are many references at Linderhof to the Palace of Versailles near Paris. The palace of course was made famous by Louis XIV, who was admired very much by Ludwig II. The sun as a symbol of absolutism can be found everywhere in the decorations in the different rooms of Linderhof Palace.

The pictures below shows the palace and parts of the gardens and surroundings. Picture 5,6 and 7 shows the famous Venus Grotto, an artificial dripstone cave, with a small lake and with wall paintings with images from opera's from Richard Wagner. On picture 7 you can see the boat in which Ludwig II was rowed while the grotto was illuminated in different colours.

On Picture 8 you can see the Moroccan House and on picture 9 the Moorish Kiosk. For a bit more backgroundinformation you can check the Wikipedia page of Linderhof.

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