Thursday, November 09, 2006

My first scans - Hiroshima (1) - B/W-pics

I haven't figure out all the possibilities of my new Nikon Fimscanner, but the first results are promising. In this post I will show some black and white pics that I shot in 2000 in Japan at the city of Hiroshima, known as the first city in history that had the unfortunate and horrible honour to be bombed with an atomic bomb on August 6th 1945.

The pictures in this post are scans from a black and white APS-film shot with a Minolta Vectis S-1.

Most of the pics were shot in and around the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park where you find most of the monuments related to the victims of the A-bomb and also the Peace Memorial Museum. A visit to this museum won't leave nobody untouched, unless you are a cold-hearted insensitive brainless idiot. It sure is worthwhile to visit, but be prepared that it can ruin your day.

But despite it's horrible and tragic history Hiroshima is also a fun city to visit. It has an excellent nightlife, good food (speciality Okonomiyaki) and some good sightseeingplaces in and around the city. I like this city very much. From the 8 times that I visited Japan I visited Hiroshima 5 times.

My favorite pub is the "Mac Bar", a tiny place with a good mix of locals and foreigners and an astonishing collection of CD's. When you visit the first time, Mac the owner will ask you if you have any musicrequest. Big chance he might have it.

The first pictures are from the A-bomb Dome, the only original thing that reminds of the nuclear explosion, which hypocenter was just 150 metres away and it's the closest construction that withstood the explosion.
The lighttowers left of the A-bomb Dome are belonging to the baseballstadium of the Hiroshima Carps.
Some teenagers next to the river on the opposite side of the A-bomb Dome.

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Those came out very nice! I especially like the subject.

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Enjoy the films this weekend!