Monday, October 09, 2006

More Forts (9)

Things have been busy the past two weeks. The National Forts Month is finished for almost two weeks, but I still didn't post all the selected pics from our last three visits to the different forts. After this post there will be two more posts and then the forts will be done for some time till next year Springtime (I assume).

Now some pics that I shot in and around Fort Blauwkapel, Fort Blue Chapel. The fort got it's name from the little church which had originally a blue painted ceiling and blue walls on the inside. The church is almost 500 years old and is the smallest gothic church of the Netherlands.

The fort was built around an existing town. We had a 75-minutes guided tour around the fort. Because the guide walked a bit fast we felt a bit rushed while we were taking pictures, so after the tour we walked around parts of the fort by ourselves to take some more pictures.

It's a nice fort and because of the town inside the fort it's different from all the other forts. Later we also went to a free classical organ concert in the little chapel. The concert itself was free, but they asked the people for a small contribution to get the old organ restored. We surely had a nice time.

The organ I told about
This is how the little church looks on the outside

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Julie said...

That's a beautiful church!